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Stillness Now

What a rare thing to witness the natural world not in its normal constant motion of branches swaying, leaves twirling, grasses bending, birds flitting, a squirrel clinging to the side of a tree, frozen but for its tail quivering with uncertainty.  Even in death the maggots move flesh like swirling currents of a river.  

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Scaping at Night

I don't remember the last time I have seen fireflies and it made me realize how much we miss when we are tucked into our houses at night.  I turned off my headlamp and pushed back my hood.  I watched the blinking bugs and listened to the slow patter of raindrops on the tall grasses and leaves of the trees. 

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About The Fox

He turned his nose toward me and I could see the thick red fur on his chest flip with the wind like the pages of a book.  The wild beasts here are music and painting to me.  Symphony and watercolor.  Poetry.

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