Night Hike

A few nights ago, Luca and I had some quality one on one time while Joel and Jonah were at hockey practice.  We played old maid and a couple board games followed by hide and seek.  Then he announced he wanted to go outside.  It was 5:45 and already dark out.  I am ashamed to say that I dragged my feet and was reluctant.  It was 3 degrees out with windchill below zero.  I was warm and tired from a long day at work.  But he insisted.  So we bundled up and put on our light hats and headed out into the dark cold night. 

His imagination was abuzz and he didn't stop chattering about the moon and the stars and the crunch of the snow.  I found myself smiling the entire time as I followed his lead.  He headed out toward the woods and pondered about bears and coyotes and oh! maybe raccoons.  "But raccoons wouldn't eat us, mom, don't worry."  Soon, Tonka turned into Togo as our boots crunched through the iced over snow like spoons dipping into creme brulee.  He was thrilled when he found sections that he could walk over without breaking through and we pretended it was the Alaskan sound and we needed to make it to the other side before the rushing water broke out from underneath us. 

We were coming out of the woods and making our way to the house when Joel and Jonah came driving up the driveway.  Joel stopped and rolled down his window looking at us curiously.  "We are on the greatest adventure, Dad!" 

Jonah was fairly heartbroken to have missed it so we went on another night hike the following night before bath and bed.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again- we just don't know what we are missing when we stay tucked into our houses after dark hits.  There's a whole world of adventure passing us by!

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