Scaping at Night

We started cutting scapes the week before the 4th of July.  Not all the scapes were ready to be cut before we left for my folks' cabin up north the weekend before the 4th, so when we came back home late on Monday the 1st, Joel and I headed out to the garlic patch to finish the job.  It had started to rain by then and was on the edge of night.  We threw on our rain jackets and head lamps.  

I soon fell into the rhythm of the rain on the hood of my jacket as I worked my way down the rows.  We finished an hour later, around 10:30, and the fireflies were out in droves over the field.  I don't remember the last time I have seen fireflies and it made me realize how much we miss when we are tucked into our houses at night.  I turned off my headlamp and pushed back my hood.  I watched the blinking bugs and listened to the slow patter of raindrops on the tall grasses and leaves of the trees.  I felt gratitude and joy for having a reason to be out in the rain so late in the night.  



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