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Coyote Kill Regroup

After the coyotes took four of our six hens we decided to replenish the flock with new blood, including a rooster.  We hoped the rooster would help with the feather pecking habit of the remaining two, as well as keep the kittens at bay.  I also didn’t mind if I heard him announce the morning.  So we are in the midst of integrating the two flocks, tiny as they are.  We’ve got them both in the chicken run Joel made after the coyote invasion, separated by some wire for now.  That way we figured they could see each other and interact without being able to have the show down for alpha just yet. At the same time as all of...

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The Garlic Will Be

It felt primitive, what we were doing...taking part in something time tested and true. I wasn't mending clothing and he wasn't stoking a fire, but we were building a family life together, working to create something that we hoped would take root in the new dirt we found ourselves on.

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Finding Home

I’ve always imagined living close to nature on a grander scale. The suburbs became stifling.  As our dreams grew bigger, our lot grew smaller. 

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