Dirt or Dinner Variety Bundle
Dirt or Dinner Variety Bundle

Dirt or Dinner Variety Bundle

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15 bulbs packaged in a Wild Mill Farm burlap bucket for easy and attractive countertop storage. The bundle will contain 3 to 5 bulbs of each of the three varieties in various sizes.  The largest bulbs will be the best for planting.  Best suited for the backyard garden if planting, and excellent for any dish.

***Pre-sale Item.  Bundles will begin shipping the week of Aug 15th.  You will receive a shipping notification via email.****

Garlic will be dotted with the color of the variety with descriptions included-

German Extra Hardy has a rich, strong, classic garlic flavor.  Great in just about any dish, but especially in soups, pasts, and stews. 

German White has a bold garlic flavor that's not too spicy with sweeter accents and lingering heat. Great for pestos, sauces, and roasts. 

Persian Star has a full garlic flavor that is more sweet with mild heat.  A great full clove baking or roasting option.  

Shipping available nationwide. 

Our crop has tested negative for Garlic Bloat Nematode.  Please reach out and we will be happy to provide a copy of our results from the University of MN Plant Disease Clinic.