Garlic will be available for presale starting in July!

What IS Gourmet Garlic?

Want to know a bit more about Premium MN Gourmet Garlic?  

Two different Cultivators: Hardneck vs Softneck

Our garlic is considered Hardneck garlic, while most garlic you find in the grocery store that is grown in California or China is Softneck garlic.  Hardnecks have long flowering stems, called scapes, which are delicious when cut in June.  Of course, Hardnecks thrive in more severe climates, like here in lovely Minnesota!

The more interesting difference is in the taste.  Hardneck garlic has a richer and more flavorful (more 'garlicky') flavor than Softnecks. They also have much larger cloves, so fewer are needed when cooking. 

Groups and Varieties of Hardneck

There are three different groups of Hardneck cultivators: Rocambole, Purple Stripe, and Porcelain.  We have four different varieties this year.   

Rocambole varieties have thinner outer skin so they do not store as long and are often the strongest flavored.  

German Red. Hot and spicy - if you really want your dish to pop! 

Porcelain varieties have thicker, tougher skin making them a better choice for longer storage.  They tend to have the largest and fewest cloves per bulb and very full-flavored. 

Music. Popular, all purpose strong-flavored garlic. Not sure which one to grab?  You can never go wrong with Music!  Music is white skinned with just a bit of pink and easy to peel. 

Purple Stripe varieties are named for their beautiful purple coloring.

Chesnok Red. Hot medium flavor; the winner for baking and roasting.

Persian Star.  Mild spice and excellent choice for raw consumption but also holds its own as a baking garlic. 


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