The Garlic Grew

We did it! We grew lots of garlic.  We diligently followed the directions of those we reached out to for advice and tips and youtube videos and are pleased with the fact that it WORKED!  We got the garlic in the ground quite late compared to other garlic farms and we thought for sure that was going to sink us, but the garlic seems to be flourishing.  There are a couple rows that have a dead spot in the beginning where the garlic didn't grow and the guesses are that we planted it too deep there, or put too much hay mulch on top, or the land is slightly uneven so maybe the water drained more quickly away from those bulbs. I am just ecstatic we got some to grow for us!

I have felt so accomplished on the farm this spring.  I grew 8 flats of flowers and plants over the winter and everything flourished except the lavender.  Every row of garlic popped this spring, and only two rows had dead spots.  I planted pumpkins, corn, potatoes, onions, and watermelon in the field next to the garlic and they all just started coming up this week.  The accomplishments may wain as the summer wears on given the pests and weeds and deer and disease, but for now I'm happy just to see the poke of something new coming up from the ground.

Just yesterday J was walking along the rows where I had planted potatoes.  If you looked closely along the row you could see a small crack in the dry earth where a sprout was pushing its way forth underneath.  We both were giddy with excitement as we found each new crack and gently brushed away the dirt to find the curled seedling emerging beneath it.  What a wonder it is!

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