Thank you for visiting - we are so glad you are here!  On this site you will find the adventures of small farm life, copious photos of flowers, trees, chickens, and goats and a chronicling of our garlic farming adventures.  You can also visit our shop and grab some delicious garlic, beautiful braids, or some fun farm swag.  

Wild Mill Farm is our family's leap of faith into the unknown. We are nurturing a life closer to nature where we work as a family to live life with intention.  Read our blog to learn more!

We grow seed and culinary Minnesota hardneck gourmet garlic.  Hardneck garlic varieties are closer to the original heirloom strains of garlic and are more flavorful and healthier for you.  They are hardier for northern growing climates and boast a richer and smoother flavor.  

We also started a small farm stand where we sell our fresh free-range eggs, garlic scapes and garlic when available.